How do we see the world?

We analyse economic and industrial systems, and make them visible and legible to politicians, regulators, investors, farmers and fishermen. We focus on root causes rather symptoms. We unpick the narratives and assumptions that lead to poor policy and investment decisions. We equip people with a diversity of approaches and views that deliver fair and lasting solutions, in complex sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, forestry and manufacturing.

We create sustainable businesses and investment opportunities in non-conventional sectors such as community power generation, and smallholder forestry and agriculture. We draw on years of experience in the finance industry, in running our own businesses, and also as farmers and renewable energy producers. Our due diligence of these investment opportunities draws on deep knowledge of, and experience of working in, difficult operating environments in Africa and Asia.

We are popular educators. We blend adult teaching methods with our economics and enterprise skills to facilitate the transformative development of marginalised communities. We work with women and men to overcome personal traumas of poverty, we empower them to critically investigate the structures that condition their lives, and we equip with the skills and self-confidence to change their own circumstances – for example as small-business owners or community leaders.

We are policy entrepreneurs with a reputation for nurturing radical policy innovation in government. We support our government partners to re-frame their development paradigm, to re-define their relationship with citizens, and to re-vision their role as enablers of locally driven development. To do this, we deliver tailored courses, facilitate dialogue, create space for reflection, and mentor individuals as they shape and advocate new policy and regulation.